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Lenten Devotional — “Let Us Hold Fast”

Happy Easter!
May the freedom of new life flow across the world. May your celebration be filled with joy and peace. May Grace Lutheran be a sign to all of God’s eternal love!
Pastor Cindy


You have found a congregation that celebrates being

 "Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care"

 Grace is the kind of place where you are greeted by name and babies are passed around to share the love. It is also the kind of place that looks beyond the building to serve the neighborhood, city, and world.

On this website you will find a congregation that is thankful for everyone's gifts, has a sense of humor about itself, and exists to live and share God's grace. Sounds good?  It is!
Whether you're a visitor, someone seeking a church or a member, we hope this website will encourage you to be a part of Grace Lutheran.


Our Mission

As called by a community of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, we boldly witness the Gospel to each other, our neighbors and the world.

At Grace we are united as a Family of Believers who minister to the needs of the community through worship, prayer, study, fellowship and stewardship.